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General Administrative trivia

It’s //build time!

For those of you who haven’t managed to convince your management to let you go to //build (and this includes me), you can see what you’re missing on the official //build 2014 site. The recordings of the sessions will also be made available there.


Having had a look at the session listings, there is big (although maybe not unexpected) news for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. As ever, you can find the details 24-48 hours after the live events in the videos and slide decks (or just keep an eye on your favourite Twitter client / blog).

Offline Nuget access – sort of

Nuget is one of my favourite tools within the Visual Studio ecosystem, but sometimes you need access to packages you have installed before while you are not connected to the internet. This simple trick shows you haw you can do just that.

NuGet caches all the packages it downloads in a subfolder of your AppData filestore. You can easily set this folder up to be a package source like so…

  • Open Visual Studio, and go to Tools -> Options
  • Find the “Package Manager” section, and expand it
  • Click on “Package Sources”
  • Click the “Add” (+) button in the top right
  • Set a name for your local cache (I call mine “Cache” – imaginative, huh?)
  • Enter the path “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\NuGet\Cache” in the Source textbox
  • Press “OK”

Now when you open the package manager, you will see the Cache folder listed as a package source and you can install packages from there. Be aware, though, that packages may be out of date with respect to the online version, and dependency packages may not be available.

This is a test post from the Windows Phone client app. I wonder how well it works…

Ah, problem 1 – there is no obvious way to leave the text entry box to post this message. I can feel a blog post coming on…

Hello world!

Thanks for visiting this blog.  I’m just in the process of setting everything up right now, but feel free to bookmark the page and I’ll be posting more content soon.

I will more than likely not go into to much detail of a lot of the basics on the platform, but if you have specific questions that aren’t already covered over at please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to cover it here.

Updates won’t necessarily be too frequent – I have a busy day job building (guess what?) windows and Windows Phone apps – but I will try to blog anything interesting that comes up in my day to day experience.